Important: Signatures and pictures...

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Important: Signatures and pictures... Empty Important: Signatures and pictures...

Post  Jason Renshaw on Tue Mar 18 2008, 21:32

Hi everyone,

It would be great if you could do two things to update your presence in this class and forum.

A. Make a signature

This is important because sometimes I can't tell your name just from the username you use here. That means (gulp!) that you might not get any points towards your grade because I don't know who you are! So a good way to fix this problem is to create a "signature" for your profile.

Your signature should be your full name in Korean (with English letters). After you make it, it will appear at the bottom of all of your posts automatically. Then I will always be able to see exactly who you are, and all of your contributions to the forum can easily be added to your final grade!

To make your signature, follow these steps:
1. Click on "Profile" in the menu at the top of this page
2. Click on "Signature" inside the profile menu
3. Enter your signature (full Korean name) and click on "SAVE"

B. Upload a picture of yourself

It's always nice to "see" who we are listening to or reading. It's also great to help us all connect faces to words... Please, upload your lovely picture so that your good looks can bless us all and make us smile! The great thing is, once you've uploaded your picture, it will appear next to all of your posts, and then our great forum will be lit up with lots of bright faces - it will feel so much more "human"...

To upload your picture, follow these steps:
1. Click on "Profile" in the menu at the top of this page
2. Click on "Avatar" inside the profile menu
3. Upload your picture and click on "SAVE"

Please do these two things at your earliest convenience!!!

Thanks and see you in class very soon.

Take care,

~ Jason


Jason Renshaw
Kyungpook National University, Teachers' College, Department of English Education
Daegu City, Republic of Korea 702-701

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Jason Renshaw
Jason Renshaw

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Important: Signatures and pictures... Empty about the signature and avatar

Post  kim young-ah on Thu Mar 20 2008, 21:17

Dear Jason

I'm pleased to tell you that I have just posted my avatar (my picture) without my husband's help. Actually, I have worried about saving my picture because of its big size. As you said, I think I have to learn how to use a computer one by one.

Today's lesson was very interesting and a little different from what I had learned in my school days. It's so good for me.

Have a nice night. See you next class.

Sincerely yours,

kim young-ah (young)
kim young-ah
kim young-ah

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