Important information about lesson outlines and assessment

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Important information about lesson outlines and assessment Empty Important information about lesson outlines and assessment

Post  Jason Renshaw on Sat Mar 08 2008, 13:13

Hi students,

I am going to adapt the requirements of the lesson portfolio section of your assessment requirements.

Previously I stipulated that you need to submit 12 lesson outlines, which would then comprise 20% of your overall assessment.

I am now going to make the lesson outline portfolio worth 10% of your overall grade. Furthermore, even though you still need to submit 12 lesson outlines overall, I will only count the 10 top scores to finalize your overall score for this section. That means you can afford to make some errors on two of the lesson outlines, and not have them hurt your overall score for the portfolio. I hope that gives some relief to students who are a bit uncertain or lacking confidence about lesson outlines for the first couple of weeks! You can now afford to make some mistakes with your initial lesson outlines, learn from my feedback, and not have that hurt your overall score.

Another 10% of your overall score will now be targeted at your online participation (in this forum) in discussion topics about issues and solutions for teaching speaking skills. Basically, this score will be based on your willingness to get online and share your thoughts and ideas with other classmates. I will give you some more details about this new assessment area very soon.

I hope this information helps, and please do post any of your questions or concerns here on the forum. Your questions and my answers will be helpful to all students in the course if they can be shared for everyone to learn from.

Good luck with your studies!

- Jason

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