My 4th Lesson outline ^^

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My 4th Lesson outline ^^ Empty My 4th Lesson outline ^^

Post  Choieunsok on Mon Apr 07 2008, 20:24

Well... My post is too big.. so I should upload another blog.
Have a nice holiday. ^^

P.s I wrote SF-novel 2 years ago. ^^;;
I want to write another story.. But I don't have enogh time..

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My 4th Lesson outline ^^ Empty Re: My 4th Lesson outline ^^

Post  Jason Renshaw on Wed Apr 16 2008, 10:06

Hi Eunsok,

This is a really great lesson outline. I love the fact you have incorporated some classroom English considerations into your approach, as it makes it crystal clear not just what you are trying to implement in the way of activities, but also how you intend to help the students understand what to do while keeping English the language of your classroom setting. Fantastic!

Your noticing section is great, and you've designed very precise and thoughtful drill and enunciation sections. I also liked that your discourse awareness section deliberately required students to use some of their own critical thinking skills.

All in all, a very strong lesson outline example. Well done!

Best wishes,

~ Jason


Jason Renshaw
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Jason Renshaw
Jason Renshaw

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