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Lesson outline 5 Empty Lesson outline 5

Post  Hyun a Ji on Mon Apr 14 2008, 20:10

I'm sorry. My outline file is too big. You can see it in my blog. Laughing
Hyun a Ji
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Lesson outline 5 Empty Re: Lesson outline 5

Post  Jason Renshaw on Sun Apr 20 2008, 11:13

Hyun a Ji wrote:I'm sorry. My outline file is too big. You can see it in my blog. Laughing

Hi Hyun-a,

Thanks for your lesson outline. I thought this was a very original approach to this kind of speaking skill, and you certainly put a lot of thought and effort into it. I really like your inclusion of visuals, as these are always good tools to make a lesson feel more exciting and realistic for the learners.

A couple of notes to help you improve:

* Be careful with your noticing section, in that things need to be very clear and accessible for the learners

* Your drill section only has two sentence models to practice. There should be 4-5 to make a drill-style activity worthwhile

* You could provide more detail about activities to apply in the enunciation section

* Be careful with the 'debate' concept. You are basically telling the students what to agree or disagree with, when it would be better to let students make their own decisions and/or practice agreeing and disagreeing with both situations (rather than just one of the other).

I hope those pointers help!

~ Jason


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