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Post  Kat on Tue Apr 22 2008, 19:04

And here is lesson outline B. Unfortunately I cannot upload pictures in here. Sorry for that! Have a look and tell me what you think.

Good luck with the other mid-term exams and see you all next week!


Lesson Outline B- Academic Context Speaking Skills Model

General Objectives

Learning How To Debate

Specific Objectives

Learn how to give arguments for building a theme park

Learn how to give arguments against building a theme park


I. Noticing

  • Ask students if they have been to a theme park.
  • Ask students if they liked it: why-why not.
  • Let students look through the text: let them choose words they do not understand and let other students try to explain- using English.
  • Teacher explains the words in English.
  • Let students read the sentences one by one.
  • Have students close their books and listen to the dialogue
  • Ask students if they can recall which arguments were for building a theme park and which were against building a theme park.
  • Let students open their books and ask the following questions:

- Who is talking? (a girl and a boy)

- Why do people like theme parks?

- Why does the boy like theme parks?

- Why doesnt the girl like having the theme park built?

- What does she like to have built?

- How many other ways of saying I think can you find in the text?

  • Have students get together in small groups of three to four and practice the reading the text.
  • Let students highlight important phrases like in my opinion, to be honest, I believe, personally etc with a marker and let them learn these words by heart.

II. Drill Exercise

1. In my opinion, building a theme park is a very good idea.

I think/ honestly; great idea/ not a good idea.

2. A theme park will be popular with many people.

Zoo/ cinema; children /teenagers

3. Not everyone will be able to enjoy the rides in the theme park.

Scenery /movie; in the park/at the cinema

4. Ithink its more important to build a big park for everyone.

New school/ home; the children /the elderly

  • Perform drill chorally: teacherstudents
  • Teacher counts out students from one to twelve
  • Students with the number one have to memorize the first sentence, students with the number two the second sentence and so on.
  • Teacher shouts Number 1 and all students with the number one have to shout their memorized sentence
  • Teacher increases speed gradually.
  • Swap numbers
  • Finally read all the sentences chorally again, without the teacher

III. Enunciation Drills


park parents people expensive popular

building neighbourhood believe big better


theme park many young build

ho-nest mo-ment en-joy peo-ple a-round

im-por-tant ex-pen-siv per-son-ally o-pin-ion


A theme park will be popular with many people.

It can be expensive to get into the theme park.

Not everyone will be able to enjoy rides in a theme park.

I really think a theme park would provide more fun to everyone.

  • Sounds: teacher ask students if correct or not: b-b-b-bark or p-p-p-park
  • Form pairs, same as above
  • Read chorally: teacher students

  • Words: Let students cover the word section
  • Teacher writes all the words on the board. Have student come up and draw the syllabuses. Then ask students which syllabus needs to be stressed
  • Listen and repeat the words after the teacher
  • Make students stand up. Teacher reads the words out loud. Have students repeat.
  • Girls clap at each stressed syllabus and boys stamp

  • Sentences: Teacher reads the sentences to the students
  • Have students draw the emphasis line in different colours
  • Let each student read one sentence and correct if necessary
  • Read the sentences together, clap the rhythm
  • Let students practice in small groups of 2-3

VI. Controlled Practice Debating

Complete the sentences, use words from the box.

learn Internet English friends online fun

In my opinion using the (1)________is good. Its (2)______ and (3) you can ________a lot.

I love to play (4)_________games with my (5)_________.

Also I can use the Internet to study (6)_______.

1. Let students prepare the text.

2. Pick students radomly and let them read out loud their answer (one sentence per student)

3. Ask the next student if correct or not

4. Finally read the text chorally. Techer students

V. Production Activity

Prepare a debate about whether you it is good to use the Internet.

Use the following words:

For Internet

Against Internet

fun, cheap, educational, interesting, entertaining

dangerous, addicting, bad, spam, virus,

  • Build pairs: one student is for using the Internet, one student is agianst using the Internet
  • Let students present their debate


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