May 20 - TEE Writing Assignment

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May 20 - TEE Writing Assignment Empty May 20 - TEE Writing Assignment

Post  Jason Renshaw on Tue May 20 2008, 09:31

Hello students.

For this assignment, you are going to tackle a few different objectives:

1) You are going to respond to a TEE (Teaching English in English)-oriented essay topic
2) You are going to write a timed response to the topic (complete by 3.00pm, Tuesday May 20)
3) Following your timed essay, you are going to reflect on your writing and edit it to create a better version

1) Essay Question:

The Korean government has suggested that Korean secondary school English teachers should be able to conduct their classes entirely in English by 2012.

Do you support this proposal? Why or why not? Support your opinion with clear reasons, details and examples.

2) For the timed response, I strongly recommend you recall my strategy and example about building your essay plan into your initial introduction. Hopefully this will cut back on planning time and allow you to use the overall writing time more efficiently.

Please enter your timed response here in the forum by clicking on "New Topic" and using this subject:
TEE Writing Assignment (May 20)

You MUST complete and post this essay before 3.00pm on Tuesday, May 20 (if you are a teacher currently doing practicum, please just do this task when you can but do not allow yourself more than 1 hour to do it).

3) The follow-up writing task (number 3 in the list above) is due by Thursday May 22 (1.30pm).
For this task, you need to read through the timed essay you posted and decide how to edit and improve it. To do this, find your posted essay and click on the "quote" button. Underneath your quoted first draft, type out your essay again and improve it as much as you can. Please leave your original essay in the quote so that it is clear and easy to see the two different essays (timed first draft and edited second draft). You can use as much time as you want to complete the edited and improved second draft, so long as you post it before the deadline listed above.

Good luck, and I'm looking forward to seeing your writing efforts!

~ Jason


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