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Post  Jason Renshaw on Sun May 25 2008, 08:04

Video News:

Foie-gras fried $175 burger

May 20 - A New York joint is selling a $175 hamburger that sports a gold-flecked Kobe beef patty fried in foie gras.

The Wall Street burger Shoppe says it sells 20 burgers a day, some of them to repeaters. If you can't afford that, go downstairs, and the burger costs $4.

Tornado slams Colorado

May 22 - A powerful tornado ripped through parts of Colorado, killing at least one person and damaging property across several towns.

Video footage showed a monster twister on a local highway, accompanied by heavy rain and hail. Emergency personnel are trying to assess the extent of the damage.

Olympic holiday for quake pandas

May. 24 - Eight pandas from earthquake-hit Sichuan province in China are on their way to Beijing to entertain tourists during the Summer Olympic Games.

They were transported on the first the vehicle to leave their damaged home at Wolong. The road to the area has been blocked by landslides since China's most deadly earthquake in decades. Once they reached Chengdu they were flown to Beijing where they're expected to attract six million tourists.

Andean nations face glacial melt

May 15 - The impact of climate change is expected to dominate talks between European and Latin American leaders meeting in Peru.

Scientists have warned glaciers in the Andes mountains will melt away entirely over the next 25 years because of rising temperatures.

Ahead of the summit, Peruvian President Alan Garcia has created the country's first environment ministry.

Riots over Naples rubbish crisis

May. 24 - Police have clashed with demonstrators in Naples after a night of riots over the Italian government's attempt to end the chronic rubbish crisis.

The government has decided to open new dumps against the wishes of local people. Two police and two protestors were hurt when police tried to remove a bus which was being used to block access to a landfill site in the Chiaiano neighbourhood.

Interactive toilet makes a splash

May 19 - A mobile men's toilet which combines the usual facilities with video game interactivity is proving a winning novelty in Belgium.

The booth was developed by two Belgian beer fans who used their skills in software development and engineering to conjure up 'Place to Pee'.

Soaring oil altering US lifestyles

May 16 - Los Angeles commuters become mass transit converts as the price of gas eats into their pocketbooks.

Meanwhile, OPEC refuses to increase oil production despite the pleas of US President, George W. Bush.

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