In-class project - May 29

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In-class project - May 29 Empty In-class project - May 29

Post  Jason Renshaw on Thu May 29 2008, 13:59


Today we are going to combine your awareness of teaching methodology and practical task-based English teaching materials.

You will need to form groups of 5-6 students.

Your task as a team is to look through the Widgets textbook and analyze the tasks and activities. Based on what you see in the textbook, you will need to demonstrate how material in the book potentially caters to Brown's essential principles of language teaching and learning.

You need to find activities that potentially cater to:

- 2 different COGNITIVE principles
- 2 different AFFECTIVE principles
- 2 different LINGUISTIC principles

Depending on your preference, one section or activity in the book could cater to just one of the principles, or a variety of principles. As long as your selection and explanation is valid, it is up to you. However, six different principles should be demonstrated and explained in application to the textbook, and of these six, two should come from each category as listed above.

You will have 45 minutes to work on this as a team, then each team will present their opinions/findings in front of the class.

Good luck!

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