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Post  bobosbong on Sun Jun 01 2008, 19:27

Han Kyung-jae
Hi! It's the year 2015. I am a Korean studendt and I have just graduated from high school. I really have to say that I feel very proud of and confident in my English proficiency! I am not a special student. I'm average. But almost all "average" students in Korea these days like English and can use it well. That's because English education in Korean public schools is very different now compared to 10 years ago.

First, Korean government spends much time supporting high or middle schools nowadays. The government gives them subsudy to be equipped with high-tech devices. So many, yes almost all the secondary schools have their own high-tech language labs for the students. Then the students can use the labs freely; they can now just enjoy their time with the devices to study English. Even they have their own computers on the desk and can use it whenever they want.

Jung You-jin
Second, the government has supported lots of funds for secondary school. That makes schools can have various exchange programs. It hardly happened in 2005, but nowadays many Korean students can go to English speaking countries or Europe or East Asia as exchange students. And there are also multiple foreign students in classroom such as a Belgian, German, Chinese, Japanese and so on. We can communicate with each other in English. However, remember we just pay small amount of exchange program fee to our school; every remainder comes from the government.

Lee Yu-jin
Third, each class has special English library. There are lots of interesting book from fairy-tales to even comic books. School gives us plenty time to read English books. There are also special reading tutors who help us to read books in English. So, if we have some difficulties, we immediately run to him and ask for help. Every two month we have time to talk about books we read and hold a small competition.

Lee Kyeong-im
Fourth, every school has its own "English village". It consists of so many places such as airport, restaurant, post office, police station, museum, zoo and so on. Anything you can see in the street is there. From pre-schools to universities, you can enjoy it.
It's free! In each place, you can see some useful expressions and tips that you have to be careful when meeting foreigners. Of course, there are many foreign teachers to help you.

Ryu Jeong-a
Moreover, English songs are included in music book used in school. 10 years ago, it was the case that they were translated into Korean and learned through the courses.
However, now many schools let the teachers teach to sing English songs and their backgrounds, including their cultures.

Finally, one of the ultimate goal of L2 teaching is make students fuction in unrehearsed linguistic context. So, now English teachers use English a lot more than 10 years ago and there are many eligible bilingual teachers in school. We got used to this school environment, therefore we feel it more natural to speak and think in English.

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Post  jihyun on Sun Jun 08 2008, 08:50

Wow~ That's interesting!!
Everybody did a good job. Especially Yu-Jin, I like your idea of having speical English library.
We, our school, have a library which only open during the lunch time - 20 minutes only- Sad .
Even if we open our library all day long and let students use the library freely, there's no one who can
stay in the library and guide students. We have to have a librarian. Currently, because of the money, we
can not hire the librarian in school library, I am sure if we can have them, our students will learn and read
more about the books. Also, if they are good at English, they can help students to read English books.

Oh, yes, of course we need more English books. Right now, we don't have many English books because
not many students lend them. But, if we have more various books, I am sure students will love to read them.
Um...........If I were the Minister of Education, I would do this. Or you..........^^* rabbit

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