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Post  Hyun a Ji on Mon Apr 07 2008, 20:16


I'm sorry. My outline file is too big. You can see my outline in here. Please give me your any advice. Smile
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Post  Jason Renshaw on Wed Apr 16 2008, 10:01

Hi Hyun-a,

Thanks for posting your lesson outline. You've got some reall creative talent!

I think the objectives you chose were very real-world and practical, though I would have liked to see you rationalize in some way why/how this kind of skill would be necessary in English. Giving the example of talking on the phone with family or friends is a great start, but obviously these sitautions wouldn't involve English. It would have been great if you could have extended the idea from there to showcase how this kind of situation could happen and require English for some reason.

Your use of photographs in your lesson materials is really great. Students will love that, especially considering your use of some famous celebrities.

The drill section would benefit from another 2-3 sentence models instead of just the two.

I liked your ideas for application of the drill, enunciation and discourse awareness sections, but thought they were a little brief and didn't really explore application of the activities with as much variety as they might have. However, you've made an excellent start with them, and shown a lot of personal creativity. That's great!

Keep up the good work,

~ Jason


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