Final Exam Instructions - Part 2

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Final Exam Instructions - Part 2 Empty Final Exam Instructions - Part 2

Post  Jason Renshaw on Thu May 15 2008, 12:41

Thanks to everyone who posted their video news articles in the forum. Well done! You've learned a great new skill for bringing multimedia featuring genuine English to your classroom options!

Part 2 of your final exam involves doing the following.

Watch your video and make a useful summary of it. Then add some notes about how you would use this in a class with real learners. Your ideas should cover:

A. Pre-listening activity to help prepare learners for viewing the actual video. How can you guide them into the topic before they watch the video? Will you pre-teach them any special words, terms or grammar?

B. Post-listening activity to check comprehension. What can you do to check (and help) students' comprehension after they have watched the video?

C. Post-listening productive activity. How can you get your learners to extend the topic or content of the video through some sort of productive activity (drawing on speaking and/or writing skills)?

This part of your exam is worth 10 points (out of the total 25 points available). It is due by no later than Thursday, May 22.

Just remember that you have to:

1. Write a useful summary of the video
2. Outline some good pre-listening activities
3. Outline some good post-listening comprehension activities
4. Outline some good post-listening productive activities

Enter your outlines by going to your video post in the forum and hitting the "reply to topic" button or the "quote" button. Please do NOT enter these outlines as completely new topics - they should be attached to your original video news post.

I'm looking forward to reading your innovative teaching ideas - good luck with it!


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