Get to know your teacher through a video message!

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Get to know your teacher through a video message! Empty Get to know your teacher through a video message!

Post  Jason Renshaw on Fri Mar 07 2008, 21:34

A great way to keep your practical English speaking skills developing... send me a personal message as a video clip! If you have a webcam and a mic, then this is really simple to use.

Just click on REPLY and then "Reply Anonymously". Record your video message (1 minute maximum), press stop, then SEND. You can also play the video if you want to try it a couple of times before you actually send it. To clear the video and start again, just press "cancel."

Note: I am the only one who will see your video message - it comes to my email account directly. So don't worry, the whole class or the whole world won't be able to see your message!

I'd really like to get to know all my students more personally, and this is the perfect way to do it AND practice your practical spoken English skills. Give it a try - I'd love to hear from you!

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